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One of the trending universal cryptocurrency exchanges based out of China. It features BTC, ETH, BNB and USDT trading pairs with a variety of highly sought digital currencies such as BCH (BCC), XMR, LTC, POWR, SUB, DASH and many others. The user interface is smooth for both the basic and advanced traders (technical analysis tools). You can reduce transaction fees by 50% by using Binance (BNB) coin to trade between digital currencies.


  • Coins that list on the exchange gain instant value similar to the “Bittrex” effect. It is not there but we will see that come close in 2018.
  • No major outages during a significant market upswing/downswing which has increased it’s credibility among both veteran and rookie traders.
  • Mobile App (Android/iOs) – Other exchanges should take note of this elegant app that rarely freezes and executes trades quickly when on mobile
  • Competitions – The exchange holds a variety of competitions where traders can gain lucrative prizes throughout the year for trading high volumes of a certain digital currency that is featured on their website. Historically, this has benefited both the trader and the value of the coin
  • Transparency – Coins that are listed go through fan voting and are pretty open with adding projects
  • Stop Limit Trades – Recently added to mitigate any significant losses on a trade during personal idle time.

The easiest way to deposit fiat into cryptocurrency is probably buying it through Bitcoin Cash/Ethereum on Coinbase from their GDAX Exchange and then trading it to Binance. Currently, Bitcoin transaction fees are higher than ETH/BCH and slower. If you want to convert fiat to crypto on Binance, you will have to go through a somewhat arduous verification process.

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